Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone

New Compliance has developed e-learning compliance training that delivers a fresh perspective on Data Protection

Losing personal data is expensive – fines, cleanup costs, negative publicity and loss of reputation.

Breaches of the Data Protection Act are often due to employees being unaware of how to keep organisations' information secure.

But by educating your staff you can create a security aware culture within your organisation, meet your Data Protection Act obligations and protect your business interests.

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New Compliance caters for both large and small Organisations and offers competitive prices depending on the number of users required

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Engaging Videos

  • Course based around video content
  • Engaging
  • Stimulating
  • Motivating

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Learning Paths

Guides the learner through the course and allows them to continue from their last login

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Engaging Content

  • Engaging Videos
  • Easy to read written content
  • Module quizzes & final exam
  • Supplementary training material

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User Tracking

  • Percentage of each module completed
  • Scores for each module quiz
  • Final exam grade
  • Viewing of certificates

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An advanced infrastructure

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Balance the load of multiple users




Data Protection - A Matter for Everyone is intuitive, interactive and easy to use. It delivers the essential information using engaging and interesting videos that put the issues in the real world. Complete with consolidation quizzes and a final exam, this course provides assurance that your workforce is safeguarding your personal data.

“ Since doing the training I have completely changed the way I handle my customer databases. It was so easy. “ Sue, Telesales Manager


New Compliance - Training staff to safeguard personal information